Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I started preparing for the Speakers project over ten years ago and this last year I ramped up preparations. I am continually in the collecting stages; I am caching speakers wherever I can find space. Recently I started experimenting with structures. The next stage will come in a couple months as I begin experimenting with sound possibilities and other sculptural structures.

Storage container at the Deseret Industries from which I pick up speakers and lamps

One load of speakers in the back of my van - In route to Cache #2

Caching speakers at the B66

Cache #2 BYU B66 BFA Sculpture Studio

Backside of Cache #2

Cache #3 BYU B66 MFA Sculpture Studio

Speakers in my van - In route to Cache #6 Weight Storage Facility of Springville Utah

Cache #8 Smith Residence of Lehi Utah

Underground cache at two incredible artist's residence - Andrew and Britney Smith


More Speakers in the van - Caching at BYU Storage Facility

Load in

The SPEAKERS Install #1 - Cache #9


Many of my wonderful friends and family have provided a way for me to continue with this project by offering cache locations and I am very grateful for their kindness.

Special thanks to the people at Provo DI for helping me each week.


Cache_Name______________________Location___ Contents
1____ A1 Security Storage_____________Orem_____Speakers/Lamps
2____BYU B66 BFA Sculpture Studio_____Provo_____Speakers/Lamps
3____BYU B66 MFA Sculpture Studio____Provo_____Speakers
4____BYU B66 Sculpture Facility_______Provo______Vacated
5____Simmons Residence_____________Springville_Speakers
6____Weight Storage Facility__________Springville_Speakers
7____BYU B66 Sculpture Facility (Closet)_Provo_____Lamps
8____Smith Residence______________ Lehi______Speakers
9____BYU Storage Facility____________Provo_____Speakers

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